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When your business works with a Marketing Agency where the Marketing Executives have won awards for being the best amongst many, proving performance is something that we are proud of and look forward to. Because you want to know what works and what does not, we eliminate the guess-work for you. The beauty of digital advertising is that a lot of what you need to know can be tracked.

Businesses which decide that marketing or advertising does not work or is too expensive only end up hurting their own livelihood and businesses. Every lead and customer is worth your investment and this costs you nothing when the returns are greater than the outlay. The more customers that you bring to your business, the more you proportionately get back in return; so why remove that aspect?

As you will read on our SEO page, ranking your business highly when your potential client is searching for you requires a synchronisation of several mechanisms that take time and costs money. This is why we track views to your website; because web traffic highlights the following and a lot more:

Each industry has an average minimum daily / weekly / monthly number of views over their business details in order to receive enough new enquiries to keep the business profitable. If that minimum is not achieved, at all, or not on a regular basis, it is a clear indicator that the business will be suffering in revenue. Some must-knows are:

• How steady are the daily  views on your website? Is it a very sharp and jagged graph or is it even with a historical trend each year?
• What is the current demographic of your clientele?  What are their predominant geographic locations?
• Do they make contact after viewing your business details? Is the contact percentage in line with the industry average?
• Which sources are providing you with the most amounts of qualified traffic?
• and, much, much more…

The meetings that we have with you are not just a chat about “how many clicks that you have had?”; we are a lot more scientific in our marketing strategies.


DowntheRoad Marketing helps you get more exposure out of your budget and excite you in looking forward to the impact that your business marketing activities make – not just Adwords; but professionally designed visuals, circulated across the most utilised or up and coming media. You will be excited about the many ways in which we can help you grow your business. We can show you where and when to be more aggressive with your marketing and when to ease off.

DowntheRoad marketing executives, as you can see, are a lot more involved in your business. We are your Marketing Department and, if you use us to your maximum benefit, you can continuously grow your business via several marketing means, including networking and social & business events. AN ADDED BONUS, IS THE PROTECTION THAT WE PROVIDE YOU WITH FROM THOSE HIGH-RISK, HIGH-PROMISE UNSOLICITED EMAILS… (we get them, too!!!)

So, if you are the business owner who understands that:

marketing is not a set and forget commodity; peaks and troughs require different strategies
simply building a website does not give it enough fuel to have it everywhere that your business needs to appear
search directories ( included) do not and cannot shift consumer behaviour
REAL-TIME STRATEGIES are required regularly to bring eye-balls on your business… particularly during off-peak periods…
…and when the above make sense, talk to us about optimising your business performance based on historical data and analytics.


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