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Website Design + Initial S.E.O. Set-Up, 100
Domain + Hosting + Web Security Updates, 100
Social, Adwords & Advertising Strategies, 85
Facilitating External Ideas, 65

In our meetings, we commonly call Advertising “FUEL for Websites”! Why? Because there are many business owners who believe that having a website is enough to drive traffic to their business. It’s not. Popular search media now expect payment before they circulate your Advertisements sufficiently in front of your target demographic. This means: No Budget – Not Enough Daily Visitors to Your Website… and that’s where In-Bound leads come from.

Our Mornington Peninsula Web Designers keep all that in mind when we design your Website. How will your website rank on search engines? And, how are your competitors who are doing well, marketing themselves to keep business thriving?

If you want to pass on your marketing to a niece, nephew, friend etc… keep that in mind: “Access to marketing tools makes no-one a marketing/advertising expert.” It is the same as going to a hardware store and deciding to buy the tools that you want to afford in order to build your own home. Unless you are a registered builder, you will take longer to get things right. You will also end up costing yourself a lot more time and money.  You might also run into unexpected problems for breaking some rules & regulations… and all of this, to end up with an inferior outcome that will compromise value.

Marketing is no different: you will get far better results by utilising proven, marketing experts.

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DowntheRoad-Marketing is run by two hands-on directors who, combined, have over 45 years’ Advertising Experience and many Corporate Advertising Awards between them. Whilst to have launched some of the best Website Designs on the Mornington Peninsula, we actually provide businesses with ALL marketing & advertising services, and all across Australia.

The businesses who benefit most from our experience & award-winning expertise are those who have tried others but still need a lot more.

Whether we are offering you Digital Advertising Services; or setting up S.E.O. to better rank your Website on search engines; or even assisting you with the co-management of your Social Media Marketing, everything that we do is geared towards your complete understanding & executing an organised plan of your marketing for the growth of your business.

There are many reasons for that but the 2 main ones are:

(a) Plan your marketing and avoid reactive strategies. Reactive marketing means that you have to move from lower than where you are supposed to be and there’s a need to re-surface before moving into profit territory.

(b) Not planning your marketing means that your requests will be last minute and all “URGENT”. Urgent requests put stress and unfair pressure on others. MARKETING PLANNING SHOULD OCCUR BEFORE DELIVERY IS REQUIRED. This gets you a better presentation and a better outcome in many ways.

Historical Data: because we monitor & analyse the business performance of our marketing clients, every move we make on your behalf is based on facts; not guesses.

  • SEO: Check. SEM: Check!
  • Annual Online Directory: Check!!
  • On-Tap Consultancy: Check!
  • Web Design Services: Check!
  • Graphic Design Services: Check!
  • Photography: Check!
  • Videography: Check!

SEO & SEM (Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing) are ever-changing… Google releases regular algorithm updates which in turn affect the SEO effectiveness, which in turn affects website rankings. The science in creating Search Engine Optimised content is an experts’ art in itself. For instance, if your website copy is overloaded with “keywords” and “phrases” (once upon a time rewarded by Google with higher rankings), this practice can now be penalised by Google if it does not make for easy / informative or a pleasant reader experience.

How many non-mobile responsive sites are still out there these days. That too, is no longer just a visual issue; it is also a factor in ranking on mobile devices. The penalisation of non-mobile responsive websites from high rankings is now commonly termed “mobilegeddon”.

Stop. Have a think about how fast technology has evolved. This is the advantage that those who operated a business before and through 2005 have. We understand which new technology we now have and do not take for granted, how far we’ve come. If you’re in business and your website is not mobile responsive, you have a lot more at stake than just the cost of a website update.

When we started out as an advertising agency providing Web Design & Adwords Management services on the Mornington Peninsula, we were staggered at how many business owners did not attach much importance to their website. Yet, they know that the volume of customer enquiries have dropped due to the decline in usage of traditional media.

But when you are ready to take action, who do you choose?

Here is mistake no.1: Why are you shopping around for quotes? Quotes will give you the cheapest guy / girl – not the best person to grow your business!

Whether you are looking for a Social Media Agency on the Mornington Peninsula or anywhere else in Australia, there are some easy steps that you can take into knowing how to select the right one. First of all, if you say that you can do it very well for your clients, you need to be able to do it very well for yourself. Looking at the engagement and following of the very business that you are thinking of hiring will tell you a lot. If a business is struggling to keep their own Facebook audience interested and engaged in the majority of their own posts, how can they possibly do a better job on yours?