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Beware of those who guarantee you page 1 ranking! There is no way of knowing!
This is the first thing to be aware of, before you engage the services of a
self-professed SEO Expert on the Mornington Peninsula

DowntheRoad and S.E.O…

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation fair to say is now a ‘known’ and perhaps even over-used term but!… do Business Owners really know what it means?… and, can all your marketing budget stop once your business is listed on Page 1 for the Mornington Peninsula on Google / or any other search engine?

Here is a little bit of perspective:

  1. PAGE 1 OF SEARCH RESULTS: provide a listed summary of up to 10 organic-ranked businesses and up to 8 PAID adword adverts – and, varying amounts of Google-MyBusiness free listings
  2. MARKETING: is a consequence of meeting and planning; with a purposeful consequence in mind; action plans to strategically drive more eyeballs / interest / and enquiries to that specific business… those who appreciate the revenue of marketing v/s investment in marketing will run several ‘campaigns’ with specific ‘purposes’ in order to drive more enquiries and hence sales… and when the investment is lower than the return, it has not cost you a cent… quite the opposite!

Point 2 above, will always drive more specific enquiries for the product or service that you have at that point in time – this is because there are seasons / economic climates / weather climates & sometimes extremes (e.g. storms impact on the roofing industry; septic & drainage services; insurance, flooding, leaks etc. There are also school holidays / public holidays / festive seasons and many more factors that marketing and timing combined can drive increased revenue to businesses.

The point is, SEO alone, is not enough.

Example: getting a new website built for your airconditioning business – with S.E.O. – will do nothing to compensate for the fact that in the colder months, things will drastically slow down without marketing offers!

ALL meetings within our Melbourne SEO Agency is focused on the purpose of each medium has its merits. Does Page 1 ranking work well on its own? or does it work best as a long-term cushion for top of mind credibility and familiarity when your offering is drawing mulitple eyeballs onto your business name and brand across day-to-day popular media?


if you are approached with a Page 1 GUARANTEE…

…please also ask them for the lottery ticket numbers, whilst they’re at it.

See this Video link regarding how Google themselves feel about those people guaranteeing Page 1 ranking:

This is where business owners get caught:

• they promised me Page 1 – well, across how many suburbs or regions?
(because that one free, Google MyBusiness listing will not be enough to turn business around for you!)
• and they were cheap

Like anything else, before investing in any marketing, do a little research? Do a Google search on “guaranteeing page 1 on Google” and one would quickly eliminate putting any gullible belief into those unsolicited emails & calls that promise you what your Google ranking will be. Google staff themselves will tell you that it’s an impossible prediction.

So why is SEO a relevant factor if there isn’t a ranking guarantee?

Because there is no point having a website if you have given it zero chance of ever being found; because SEO in tandem with many other digital marketing implementations that LINK INTO your website are what is required for the digital marketing solution to work.

This is the same as purchasing a commercial vehicle and attaching an importance to not only the fuel tank but everything else that is motorised by that Fuel… and if there is ever an inclination to wonder why is there a cost to get performance out of the vehicle that you just purchased? Consider this: your fuel tank does not dictate to you how much you need to spend on fuel monthly. Your own expectation of performance v/s mileage will dictate how much you need to invest to go the distance.

So, which types of businesses benefit from marketing?
Definitely those who invest in fuelling their marketing. They know that a stagnant website doesn’t cut it against the competitors who are actively marketing themselves.

A portion of the LINKS to your details, will turn into ENQUIRIES. The ADVERTISEMENT that generated the CLICK needs to have a RELEVANT OFFER for that season and/or circumstance in front of the right demographic.


Are You Positively Wowing Your Customers?

Conversion is 100% reliant on the aptitude and attitude of the person who responds to your enquiries:

• Do they have 100% knowledge into your business offerings at that point in time?
think about this: you have read a restaurant menu and have decided on what you are going to order. The waiter/waitress looks at you like they have no idea whether it is available or not…

• Do they have a pleasant manner / and phone manner?

• (a) Are they simply waiting to take an order?
(b) or are they consultative in finding out what the customer really wants and provide guidance and advice on what the best product and service are, to fulfill the customer’s requirements?… because at option (b), most customers will no longer care about purely ringing around for the cheapest quote; they will come back to the best service at the right price!


Success when you hire an SEO Agency or Marketing Agency in Melbourne or anywhere in the world is not about participating in a race towards Page 1 of Google. Success is about all of the above combined with your business choosing and training the best person to respond and convert your hard-earnt marketing leads whilst simultaneously wowing each new and returning customer!

Reviews about your business will also influence conversion of a lead into an enquiry.


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