SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Google Ads or paying to appear as a priority on search engines means that your money should be invested
into an established Digital Marketing Agency on the Mornington Peninsula.

Our non-layered business model, led by directors with decades of experience in Advertising & Marketing, ensures that
you get the best value-for-money Search Engine Marketing on the Peninsula… that works!

Google Ads / SEM / Digital Marketing…
…whatever you refer to it as

Carrying the same consumer behaviour theories honed over the years in marketing and advertising, DowntheRoad-Marketing elevates the benchmark when it comes to your business needs when partnering with a Digital Agency on the Mornington Peninsula!

DowntheRoad provides digital marketing services for Melbourne & Peninsula businesses; select Victoria-Wide businesses (including Gippsland, Phillip Island, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat & Yarra Valley); and select businesses who want online priority appearances, anywhere in Australia.

How do you know if we are right for you?


If you are looking for the cheapest digital marketing agency on the Mornington Peninsula, we might be it. However, if that is the only criteria that you are basing your selection on, you would not be choosing us for the right reasons!

Long Term Contracts

DowntheRoad-Marketing does not do long-term marketing contracts. Why? We want you to stay because we’re making a positive difference to your business R.O.I. not because the contract that you signed forbids you from walking away earlier.

What else complements your SEM?

Being one-dimensional with your Google Ads limits to clicks v/s quota. That’s where things become costly or, there are extended periods of time that your business marketing is simply inactive. Additional options provide you with alternative circulation when your Google paid presence has reached it’s daily limit.

Do You Value Years of Experience?

Would You Appreciate Input from Award-Winning Executives?

When we realise the criteria that business owners ‘research’ when the process for engaging a marketing agency are, we actually shudder. We’re talking about the executive or team that will be responsible for generating more eyeballs on your business. Paid marketing / paid circulation work on budget! Looking for the cheapest agency means that you are already compromising your paid circulation…

…if the agency that you choose can run your campaign on such a lean budget (think about what you need weekly to keep your own business / staff going plus maintain some sort of domestic living…!), how long do you think that they will be around for?

…and when they vanish, with vital marketing data / co-ordinates about your business, how do you choose to move on again? Same as before? The cheapest quote from the cheapest guy/girl?

The Correct Process

Choose Experience. Plan Regular Reviews. Keep Innovating Your Plans

It is disheartening for us when the marketing strategy makes a business so busy that they have no time for regular reviews and meetings. There are many reasons why this is a disadvantage for your business; the main ones is complacency. After a six months or so, you will forget what things were like before we started and where you have been performing becomes the new benchmark… in theory that is perfectly Ok; however, what we have seen through experience, without reviews, the new norm is the complacent norm. Like anything else, the cost-per-click value organically goes up which means, in due course, you will get less bang for the same buck. There are ways that we can get around that issue; without regular consultations though, you miss out on additional, profitable strategies that could be implemented – this is why were are so active with keeping in touch when we have an ongoing marketing agreement in place.


DowntheRoad-Marketing always uses the parallel of Fuel to a Vehicle as a comparison to Circulation for a Website, when it comes to Digital Marketing. If you purchase a new business vehicle yet believe that you will not need an allocated budget for Fuel, you will get nowhere.

Digital Marketing is very similar. Our clients who “don’t need” marketing are the ones who will tell us that “I got nothing from my website… all my business has been from word of mouth!”…

Of course, word-of-mouth will be the only source that you would be relying on, should you have nothing else in a priority (sponsored / paid) spot to capture the numerous clients who are searching for the services that you provide. Priority / paid ads (Google Ads) appear amongst the top of the page search, in your targeted region.

If you do not forecast and budget to circulate your website prominently across the internet, how else is it supposed to be found? Whether your Digital Marketing is Mornington Peninsula focused / Melbourne-Metro focused or Australia-Wide focused, our Digital Marketing Experts have been providing value-for-money options for sole traders, SMEs and larger organisations alike. Be found by those who NEED your services at that point in time. That NEED not only means high likelihood or purchase, but also means that this consumer is not going to spend too long scrolling to the bottom of a search page result let alone results not on the first page!

Not being prominent will definitely save you from needing a Digital Marketing budget; this will also have you miss out on proportionately higher revenue from needful enquiries. Needful enquiries are the hot leads that keep any business running profitably.


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