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SEO – Search Engine Optimisation fair to say is now a ‘known’ and perhaps even over-used term but, do Business Owners really know what it means?… and, can all your marketing budget stop just because your business is listed on Page 1 of search engines for your products and/or services in the geographic region that you service?

Here is a little bit of perspective:

  1. PAGE 1 OF SEARCH RESULTS: provide a listed summary of up to 10 organic-ranked businesses and up to 8 PAID adword adverts – and, varying amounts of Google-MyBusiness free listings
  2. MARKETING: is a consequence of meeting and planning; purpose; action plans to strategically drive more eyeballs / interest / and enquiries to that specific business… those who appreciate the revenue of marketing v/s investment in marketing will run several ‘campaigns’ with specific ‘purposes’ in order to drive more enquiries and hence sales

Point 2 above, will always drive more specific enquiries for the product or service that you have at that point in time – this is because there are seasons / economic climates / weather climates & sometimes extremes (e.g. storms impact on the roofing industry; septic & drainage services; insurance, flooding, leaks etc. There are also school holidays / public holidays / festive seasons and many more factors that marketing and timing combined can drive increased revenue to businesses.

The point is, SEO alone, is not the best method of maximising eyeballs onto your limited time seasonal offering. Click Here for More Info!

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